is a proudly independent site – none of the content in the articles is paid advertising.RS Brown blogs about different products and services people try to ‘hold back time’ and feel (and maybe even look) younger and fitter. The site came about  to give a more balanced picture of some of the popular treatments and creams. He was joined by two writers from very different backgrounds – media and natural healthcare! ‘Julia Smith’ has the healthcare knowledge whilst ‘Kath Smith’ is the media type, hanging out in all the chichi places (and overhearing all the conversations in the ladies about what women THINK will make them look  younger and more beautiful!). Armed with this ahem,  insider knowledge, the idea is to examine some of the popular treatments without simply ‘promoting them’ outright or even simply ‘rubbishing them’ for no reason,  just to calmly explain how they have their effects and also any opposing points of view. These are products we all buy regularly, cut past the hype, that’s what we say. And all the team remember panic-buying pots of expensive goo on certain birthdays with false hopes of a fresh new face overnight :(

To contact the team, leave a comment on the site and we will get back to you, feedback is most welcome, especially on topics you’d like to see covered next.

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