All of the information on this site is posted in the spirit of discussion and education – but please remember:

  • if you have a serious skin complaint, the only way to go is straight to your doctor
  • not all products suit all skin types – sensitive skin needs specialist products
  • we do not claim any products  have the desired effects!
  • we similarly do not seek to ‘trash’ or ‘rubbish’ any products
  • we don’t promote any individual or company in our articles
  • use any of the treatments described at your own risk – our writing about them does not mean we endorse them or can be seen as an authority on them – we are not dermatologists or doctors, just every day consumers like you
  • inner beauty speaks volumes
  • we are especially interested to know what else you’d like us to write about and any experiences you have had with any anti aging skin care products (but not promotional content or spam)

RS Brown

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